Courses & Training



Up and coming events include Public speaking engagements, online courses, live workshops and webinars. Included will be group and personal training under the banner of "DECIDA GRACO' ('Decisive Grace'), which combines an enmeshing of styles and professional practices for both modern where-with-all for medium to high risk status, and the internal aspects which are also very much needed to manage energies, focus and well-being, regardless and throughout. 

These skillsets are derived from various 'corners,' from the war environment, to extensive  bouncer experience, and then high end, high risk close protection, and also government work on an international scale.

This skillset includes tips, procedures, military and strategic mindset, styling/environment(s), safeguards, and lifestyle habits, among many others. 

Once these lessons are onboard, an enhanced, safer edge is guaranteed, whereby it can be taken wherever you go, for whatever reason ~ including on interviews, meetings and so many of the challenges in whatever way out there...

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