M.P. Grant

Author, Speaker, Consultant & Teacher

About Michael

M.P. Grant has come from a series of paths less ordinary...

From a Dublin Seminary, to many of London's toughest doors; from a British Soldier, to international Bodyguard and world-wide government work - often having to work high risk and under cover... It is true to say that Michael has a few life experiences under his many (Black) belts!  

His transition from an international frontline operative, to the equally multi-dimensional role of Author, Speaker, Consultant and Teacher, already has Michael on the speaking stage. He is preparing to launch 'The 60 Second Bodyguard', along with several other mindset and life strategy books which incorporate his dynamic range of professional and personal life experiences. 


Having qualified as a vocational teacher with the London School of Academics, Michael also delivers a powerful  combination of business, military, international 'high risk' and executive protection expertise which he presents as a 'transferable mindset' for all demographics. 

After 22 years of training under Grandmaster Phil "Loz" Hewson, Michael qualified as a Sifu Master - alongside various other senior gradings, and styles. He also integrates martial discipline and structure to accompany those insights he has amassed, in regard to everyday living. 

His comprehensive "GRANT LAWS" system also applies to both the personal and corporate sector. These insights will also very soon be available by means of workshops and events, as well as personal one to one involvement. 

Michael is becoming increasingly known for his ability to empower people with his unique depth and reach. His extraordinary talent for quickly getting to the core of an issue has already pleasantly shocked and wonderfully overwhelmed people. What he has become goes far beyond professional 'Bodyguard profiling' and instincts, and the world is soon to benefit from such unique 'sage-like' capacities...

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M.P. Grant - Irish Samurai

Michael Grant talks about his life path, and new purpose, using his amalgamated skillsets to now help others in a whole new way. Including 'GRANT LAWS' (Lifestyle, Awareness, Wellbeing, Safety), he presents a powerful, simple formula for living an authentic and fulfilling life.